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There are several types of dental emergencies listed here, what´s yours?

- Tooth abscess: if your face starts swelling, a sharp pain arises, a tooth hurts bad when you bite, and you feel presure inside your jaw you are probably having an abscess. It is utmost important to stop the infection and prevent it to spread. With antibiotics, sometimes a drainage and a root canal you can go back to normal life. To manage the pain you can take painkillers prescribed by the dentist in Buenos Aires. You should avoid taking over the counter medication to avoid the risk of masking the simptoms and make the diagnosis more dificult.

- Gum infection: if gums looks red, swollen, bleed easily, and hurt while you brush, you may have a gingivitis or a periodontitis. Both types of gum infection are very common in travellers due to neglected oral hygiene and a deficient diet. With a regular or a deep cleaning, an antiseptic rinse and sometimes an antibiotic – and after that you start brushing and flossing properly – the case is closed. If you are staying few more days in Buenos Aires the dentist can do a follow up to ensure the gum is healing well.

- Tooth fracture: when you hit your face because of an accident (felling off a bike, stairs, faints, fights, car accidents, etc.) or biting on something too hard (ice  i.e.),  tooth structure can break. There are several types of dental fractures that may involve the crown, the root or both. Depending on the amount of fractured tissue – and the location of the fracture – treatments vary from a simple polishing to a bonding, a veneer, a crown, and if the tooth is dead, a root canal. X-rays and a thorough examination are needed to let the dentist make an acurate diagnosis.

- Broken wires or retainers: nowdays childs and adults go for an orthodontic treatment. If you are travelling in Buenos Aires and a brace or wire loosens, you should find a dentist soon. An out-of-place wire can damage your togue, lips and cheeks, and besides the pain, the injury may become infected and teeth could start moving.

- Loose or coming out crown: a crown may come out for different reasons, finally causing bacterial leaking, infection, bad taste, making difficult to chew and to clean your teeth. Also if gum grows around and covers the tooth, it may be resected. The best option to avoid those consequences is to glue the crown back very soon.

- Wisdom tooth pain: if you feel an unbearable pain at the back of you mouth, or when you swallow,  swelling face on one side, bad breath and can hardly open your mouth, probably a wisdom tooth is coming in. This situation is usually solved by removing the tooth. Painkillers, antibiotics and antiseptic rinses are usually prescribed by the dentist in Buenos Aires.

- Deep decay: a sharp pain while eating sweets? Or with cold and hot? Been using the dental floss just once a year?. In that case you may have an inflamation of the nerve. The dentist will tell you which is the best treatment for the tooth: if decay is little it can be fixed with a regular filling. But if it is a huge decay, an onlay, a build up, and a root canal may be needed. The goal is to get rid of the infection and preserve the tooth in good shape. You can ask the dentist if the material he will use match the color of your tooth.

- Tooth infection: when a tooth is dead, bacteria grow inside, eventually causing pain, swelling, inflamation and  fever sometimes. A tooth may become infected due to decay, gum infection, a fracture, a crack, etc. Usually infection starts with slight signs and symthoms that over the time worsen. It is better to do a consultation with a dentist soon. Prevention is better than cure!.

Either because of pain, discomfort or an esthetic reason, the above mentioned situations need to be fixed as soon as possible.

It is very important to consider that any infection can become worst – if time goes by – without any treatment.

First of all, it is necesary to find an available dentist in Buenos Aires you can rely on. You can ask locals if they can suggest an english speaking dentist able to understand all your concerns and needs. The dentist should be empathic as well. It is more likely to find a dentist in Buenos Aires, as it is a big city, than if you are in a small town in Bolivia. Many tourists visit South America, and the main cities suggested to have dental treatments at are Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Rio de Janeiro.

If by misfortune you have a dental emergency, try to get it fixed as soon as possible and keep enjoying your trip with a healthy and happy smile.

Call now 4828-0821 for a dentist in Buenos Aires at Recoleta district (close to Palermo, Belgrano and Downtown).

If you are in Argentina – outside Buenos Aires – the number with the area code is (011) 4828-0821

Dr. Gustavo Telo & Dr. Marisol Telo are english speaking dentists based in Buenos Aires and will take care of you ASAP

Check out their website  http://www.dental-argentina.com/

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