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Nov 22, 2010 by admin

1. You can contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the trip or procedures.

2. With the diagnosis of your local dentist we can make an estimate of the cost and duration of the treatment.

3. Once you accept the proposed treatment, you have to make your reservation payment. Then you book the flight and we schedule an appointment for a consultation in Argentina.

4. You travel to Argentina.

5. Once you arrive, we give you a mobile cell phone, so you can talk to us during your stay.
Then you come in for the scheduled consultation with the dentist, with whom you will be able to discuss your goals and desires for treatment. Depending on the treatment, complementary x-rays or medical examination may be needed.

6. Before the treatment starts, most of the total cost should be paid. Payments are made in cash or by bank transfer.

7. During your treatment, you can visit interesting places in Buenos Aires and its surroundings. We want you to enjoy your trip and return home with a happy smile.

8. Once you leave, we will keep in touch with you and your dentist. We will be pleased to send any information your local dentist may request.

9. Our patients have mentioned that the first thing that caught their attention about Dental Argentina were the moderate fees. The exchange rate accounts for the remarkable differences in prices between countries.
Consequently, it is reasonable for a person whose salary is paid in dollars or euros to consider Argentina, economically speaking, a very convenient destination.

10. Argentina has excellent and affordable health care facilities and providers. Thus, the patient’s savings are well invested, given that they receive high quality treatments equal to or better than those available in their home country.

11. We believe Dental Argentina is a good option for people who look for high quality dental treatments and take good care of their savings.

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